A year to remember

8 Jul

This is a year to remember for all the work we have done, tears and laugher we have shared and perhaps the weight we have lost (not that we are proud of it XD).

As the new English panel chairs, Maria and I are stressed and exhausted. You may laugh at me when you know that I once googled ‘how to be a good English panel chair’ but couldn’t find anything useful except the roles and responsibilities list provided by the EDB website. Gosh, I do know what we need to do but the list won’t teach you how to do it nor does it include lots of other duties like lesson observation, post-lesson discussion, planning for school-based curriculum and most important of all, creating rapport among teachers. To be frank, I still have no idea how we can achieve everything. I just keep telling myself that whenever I try something new, I will get resistance. Like how I learn to play the piano, I won’t be successfully playing a song without hitting a few wrong notes. The only solution I can think of is to learn through trail and error.

Among our colleagues, my English is definitely not the best nor am I the most experienced teachers. The only thing I am sure is that I am perfectly imperfect. There were times when I was down to my knees, swearing that I just want to return to solely classroom teaching. Thanks to the encouragement and support of many of my colleagues and friends, I start to realize that getting out of my comfort zone will surely bring discomfort. Fear is one of my greatest enemies – the fear to fail, the fear to disappoint others, the fear to lose face etc. Running towards my fear is what I have learnt this year.

I want to show my greatest gratitude to every colleague who has helped us all along especially Maria, my teammate, who keeps learning and fighting with me through all the challenges.



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