My lovely crazy dad

19 Jun

Many of my friends are closer to their mothers, but I have a special bond with my dad. When I was young, Mom was very busy with her work, so I spent more time with Dad. My dad is not like other ‘Typical’ dads – stern, fierce and over-protective. To me, he is more like a kidult who is playful and fun to be with. Perhaps it’ s because he was a teenager himself when he had me. He got married with Mom at the age of 19.

He always wanted to have a son. Maybe that’s why he raised me like a boy. He taught me all kinds of skills – cooking, swimming, cyclying, fishing etc. He even taught me how to build an alarm clock when I was in Primary. Other kids used to be jealous of my lanterns in the Mid-Autumn Festival because my dad will hand-made me a special lantern every year. There was once he made a robot lantern which eyes are made of light bulbs! When I became a teenager, he didn’t make lanterns anymore, but he taught me some dangerous acts – boiling wax (and pouring water into it ..hoho)! It was totally insane! I remembered how the fire suddenly reached up to the tree top when water was poured in. Yeah, he was a pretty crazy dad! Fortunately, we didn’t get hurt or Mom would definitely kill him. (FYI, he even asked my cousin to try pee in the wax and my cousin did XD..wakakakaa..) He also took me to places where girls like me may seldom go – video arcades and snooker centres! He truly broadened my horizons! But there was one place he was somehow reluctant to go with me – the library. He said he would have a headache once he entered it, so Mom was usually my ‘library companion’.

So Dad is usually humorous and fun until recent years he is sometimes cranky and impatient. He may get angry with the weather or the waiter in the restaurant easily. I bet he may suffer from the  ‘male menopause’, if there is any. I think he is getting lots of stress from his job as well. He sometimes gets headache and nausea and like many fathers, he refuses to visit a doctor and says that he is fine. That makes Mom and I worried, but you can never force a man to change unless he wants to make changes himself.

Today’s Father’s Day. We went Yum Cha in the morning like usual but I prepared a special gift for him! I bought him a 100mins Thai body massage course in a massage centre near home. He was pleased and couldn’t wait to try it out! He is enjoying his massage right now 😀

Love you Dad. Wish you health and happiness always 🙂 !!


2 Responses to “My lovely crazy dad”

  1. paulsze 2011 年 06 月 19 日 at 1:52 PM #

    Now I understand why you’re sometimes crazy, because you have a crazy dad, a lovingly crazy dad. You and your dad are a perfect match!
    (See my latest blogpost, also about father-daughter relationship.)

    • missjanetlaw 2011 年 06 月 19 日 at 2:03 PM #

      Haha..Yes, I got his crazy DNA! XD

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