The Sunday Smile :)

22 Apr

The Sunday Smile ( is a fun English program for  Primary kids. This show gives them a unique opportunity to practise English. Once Maria and I knew about it, we contacted the person-in-charge and see if our kids could join too. At first, they told us that we were on the waiting list. But then a week ago, they phoned us and said we could pre-record for the program within a few days as one school suddenly backed out.  How lucky we were!!!

We quickly came up with the topic (Go find it out on 1st May~~^0^) and asked the kids (we picked one from each P.5) to write a simple script. Then we extracted their points and rewrote a script for the five of them. After practising for a few days, we were really to go for the pre-recording!


See how the kids feel about this experience:

Joyce Ng

Today was amazing! I went to RTHK studio with my schoolmates for a show called “The Sunday Smile”. At first, we had to wait in the lobby. We rehearsed for a while. It was about 9:55 a.m. when a skinny man with blonde hair in jeans walked towards us. It was Tim, the host of the show! He greeted us and led us to the studio. After that, he taught us how to speak loudly.

      When the clock struck 10:00a.m. , it was time for us to prerecord the programme. After Kristen said the first line, it was my turn. I was so scared that my feet shivered. At first, I had a slip of tongue, but I got used to the recording process very fast. It was fun!

      The show was a success! Tim gave us a small radio as a souvenir. I really felt sad when we had to leave. I hope I could go to the studio again, so I could taste the sweetness of being in a show once more.

Wolfinbarger Ivanna Lorraine

Today was the best day ever! I went to RTHK to have pre-recording. It was fun! A man named Tim interviewed us for his program “The Sunday Smile”. He has blond hair and a brown moustache. He was funny and skinny.

      We went in one of the studios. It was quite small. There were 2-3 computers and there were so many little buttons on the panel.

      Mayu and Joyce shared one small microphone; Tiffany and Kristen shared another one. I shared the biggest microphone with Time. He told us to just be natural and not to shout. After the pre-recording, Tim gave us one Souvenir each. It was a mini radio. It was so special! This was the most unforgettable experience ever!

Mayu Yahagi

It was totally great! Tim was very nice and funny! When I went into the studio, I was very scared. But time was very nice to us, so I wasn’t scared anymore.

      Before the recording starts, Tim asked me, “What is your name?” And I said, “I’m Mayu!” Time said, “M-A-Y-U. What a good name!”

      At that time, I was overjoyed! Tim told us that maybe Prince William was listening to our show, so he asked us to greet him by saying, “Hi, Prince William!” We all bursted out laughing.

      When it was time to leave, I was quite said. But I felt better later because we have taken some photos for keep sake. This is the best day ever!

      Remember to listen to our programme on 1st May!

Tiffany So

      It was very exciting today! My friends and I went to RTHK for pre-recording. The host of Sunday Smile, Tim, was very funny and nice. He is skinny and tall. He has blond hair.

     During the recording, I said something wrong but Time could use some machines to edit it. There were a lot of buttons there. At the end, Tim gave us a radio as a souvenir. We took a lot of photos too. Then, we rode the school bus and went back to school.

Kristen Lai

What a day! Today we went to RTHK to pre-record for the Radio Programme, ‘Sunday Smile’. The host was very funny and humorous. He always told us jokes!

      When we enter the studio, I was nervous because if I made any mistakes, the whole world could hear that. Through this experience, I knew how people worked at a studio. We’ve got a souvenir too! It is a cute little radio. I’ll never forget this day!

      Our programme will be broadcasted on 1st May, please listen to it!

I want to get one mini radio too ! So cute ~~


3 Responses to “The Sunday Smile :)”

  1. paul 2011 年 04 月 24 日 at 8:45 AM #

    Couldn’t wait to listen to you girls’ performance on RTHK.

  2. Iris 2011 年 08 月 19 日 at 8:39 AM #

    Hi Janet, hope you are taking good rest during the summer holiday. I’m really glad that your kids enjoyed the experience. Will try to get you one mini radio next time when I see Tim. 🙂

    • missjanetlaw 2011 年 08 月 19 日 at 11:01 AM #

      Dear Iris,
      Thanks a lot! I do have some good rest and have learnt new things during summer! 😀 Hope to see you soon!

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