The running game for revision (introduced by Maria ^^)

14 Mar

I haven’t updated the blog for ages, so I get up really early today to write this down 🙂

This is a game introduced by my dear colleage, Maria. It is suitable for all levels and excellent for revision before tests and exams.


1. Figure out the questions to focus on. Print them out on the A4/ F4 paper (No. of paper = No. of groups of students) Prepare the paper strips as shown so that it’s easy to tear out each question .

2. Group the students according to their abilities as you don’t want the brighter kids to finish all the questions. In my class, I got 4 students in a group.

3. Choose one student in the group to be the runner. He/She will be reponsible for coming out to get and return the question.

4. Remind them that they have to read the questionand think about the answer together. Then, take turns to write down the answer.

5. Once they finish answering, the runner will take the paper out and show the teacher. If they get it right, the teacher will tear the next question for them. If not, the runner has to run back to the group and redo the question. They can’t get the next question unless they finish the previous one.

6. Remind them that they are not competing with one another. Their goal is to finish all the questions.

7. Prepare a worksheet for consolidation after playing the game. In my class, gps who have finished playing the game have to do test revision exercise.


1. Students may get over excited running to you. Make sure that they have to line up and keep their voice down!

2. Make sure everyone tries to do the questions.

3. May set different questions for different gps.

4. It’s a good chance to find out which langage focus is weakest for the students and bring it up again in the whole class.

Have fun! ^0^


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