P.3 Inquiry-based learning week – Welcome to HK (Teaching and Reflections)

23 Jan

I wrote this lesson plan for p.3 students a year ago. Since I only taught p.1 and 6, it’s until this year that I have the chance to try it out. Big thanks to my colleagues (Elaine, Zenia, Vivi and many more) who have amended it to suit the students’ needs.

Theme: Touring around Hong Kong (Plan a one day trip for Paul from Canada)

Objectives: 1. Knowing the English names of attractions in HK

                         2. Explain why each attraction is suitable for Paul to visit (logic reasonoing)

                         3. Negotiate with other gp members to come up with the final trip for Paul (effective communication skills)

                         4. Present in front of the class (presentation skills)

                        5. Asscess others and ones’ performance (evalulation)

Teaching materials : 1. power point (introducing the attractions)

                                           2. Guiding worksheets

No. of lessons: Three (45 mins each)

Reflections:  Students spent a lot of time thinking of the reasons and what they can do there. Actually the ideas are overlapped. Most of them know how to express their ideas in Cantonese, but not in English. More vocab or phrases can  be given to students. My other colleague, Maria, thought that we should do a matching (attractions + activities) here before asking them to write their own ideas.

e.g.  1. Ocean Park     ( b   )                                            a. go swimming and collect seashells

         2. Repulse bay (   a  )                                             b. learn about different sea animals and go on exciting rides

Reflection:  Some guidelines are needed for students to negotiate with others in English. a. Express their own ideas b. listen and agree or disagree with others’ ideas + give reasons to support

My colleague, Maria, recorded her kids using English for the discussion.

Reflection: This presentation framework is set by my colleague, Vivi. It’s very helpful for students to have something to follow during the presentation. And each student in the group can decide which part she would like to present.

Reflection: Students should be able to get the assessment table from the other group, but now although they can hear others’ comments, they can’t receive this form from other groups.

Students’ Performance:

They practised during recess in order to perform well. They might have misprounced some of the words, but their hard work was appreciated. Words they have to work on:


One Response to “P.3 Inquiry-based learning week – Welcome to HK (Teaching and Reflections)”

  1. Amy Fan 2011 年 01 月 27 日 at 1:05 AM #

    I love to see students’ presentation and I can see that they are all very serious about this task!! Your instant feedback for prompting students to speak more is great! Your P3 kids are so lovely! Same as Maria’s kids. I love to hear them speak in English.

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