Bring positive affirmations into your life (For my p.5 girls)

9 Jan

I bought this ‘I CAN DO IT’ Calendar from Dymocks as my new year gift. How nice it is to affirm myself with one positive thought per day! The English used is quite simple and easy to remember, so I use it as a ‘starter’ for my P.5 English lesson. According to the students’ class number, they have to recite one quote every day. If they can recite it perfectly correct the next day, they will be rewarded. After a week, they are now familiar with words like ‘experience’, ‘attract’, ‘positive’ and ‘joyous’. ^_^

Quotes that I can recite :

1. I turn every experience into an opportunity for good.

2. I begin to live consciously. I become aware of what I am thinking. 

3. I only attract positive people and uplifting experiences into my life.

For this one,  I find it particularly difficult to work on:

1. I forgive myself and I also forgive others.

Maybe the only problem I encounter is the second part of the sentence… XD


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