P.5 Readers’ Theatre/ Drama : The New Cinderella

5 Dec

“The New Cinderella” is a script based story in the textbook that most kids find it amusing. The new Cinderella was  a poor boy who went  the pool party with the help of a trendy fairy godmother and finally met his dream girl – princess Peach.

Time is limited for everyone to perform during lessons, so we tried to do it during lunchtime. At first, I was thinking doing Readers’ Theatre only but obviously the kids were very much into making props and wearing special costume, so I just let them be. The problem was they spent too much time on making props rather than practising their oral English, so they occasionally mispronounced words or missed important words in the script. Unsatisfied with their performance, they requested to  perform again, again and again. Of course, they still made mistakes, but I am impressed by their attitude. They SELDOM wanted to do better in their written homework or correction or re-re-recorrections.

A group shows their creativity by changing some parts of the story. The pool party became the Halloween party. People were trick-or-treating instead of dancing. Scary music rather than pop music was on.

More than 2 weeks of lunchtime I spent with these kids. I scolded those who kept on making silly mistakes (‘Could’ you like to dance with me?) and praised those who performed better in each shot. Now that I realised the performance itself isn’t that important. We enjoyed the time we had together.


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