P.5 Students’ work: Guessing game + Don’t mess up with your teacher

14 Nov

I thought this ‘guessing game’ hw is motivating. I thought I have given enough instructions, examples and time for students to complete their work. Maybe I was wrong because I have heard  hundreads of tech-related reasons from my kids for not handing in their work on time:

1. My computer can’t access the Internet (Suddenly, I guess. I saw your updated status on FB)

2. My printer is out of order (Why don’t you print it at school then?)

3. I don’t have Microsoft word  (Then print out the picture, stick it on a piece of paper and write your sentences on it)

4. I can’t save my file and lost it (You have a week to do it. Why can’t you just do it again? )

5. I can’t log in my computer. Only my parents know the password but they slept early last night and I didn’t want to bother them. (same response as 4.)

The follwoing excuse is NOT a tech-related one:

I have already handed in my work to you! (… … …You have totally underestimated your teacher. She will mark down every work she has recieved. )

I don’t care what excuses you used,  I am persistant and patient enough to get everyone of you to hand in your work. So stop messing up with your teacher ever again, okay?

I’ll start marking their work and post up to the board so that others can guess who their friends are.


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