Saying goodbye to my dear Nicky

7 Nov

Last Wednesday, Nicky came to me and said, “Miss Law, I can’t hand in my homework next Tuesday.” Why? I thought you knew how to do it. Looking at me with her big round eyes, ” I am going to Taiwan this Saturday.” When are you coming back then? I thought she was just going on a holiday. She continued, ” I’m not coming back to HK.” What? I felt like crying T_T

So one of favourite kids is going back to where she came from. Since we don’t have much time to say goodbye, I asked my kids to think of something to say to Nicky and made a short video clip as a keepsake. It is perhaps a good opportunity to teach “Authentic English – How to say goodbye to a dear friend?”. I asked them to write what they wanted to say on a piece of paper and practise reading them aloud before I took the video. Now that they know how to express themselves in English like (我會好掛住你) I’m going to miss you. (我地保持聯絡呀) Let’s keep in touch!

On Friday, we put all our gifts on Nicky’s desk and almost drowned her XD. Then while they were having lunch, I played the video and watched it with the kids.




 My dear Nicky. I love your smile. I love your hand-writing. I love how you always quietly standing next to me and watch me work. I love you to be in my class and I really enjoy teaching you in these few months! Thanks for being such a good kid and I wish you all the best !! ^_^


One Response to “Saying goodbye to my dear Nicky”

  1. paul sze 2011 年 01 月 04 日 at 3:46 AM #

    Nicky is lucky to have had you for a teacher.

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