P.5 Unit 3 Activity : A Guessing Game

7 Nov

I look funny in my colourful bow tie. I love my star-shaped sunglasses. My blonde hair is long and straight. My pink lips are huge. I am in a small orange pointed hat. Who’s this ugly person?

Haha..That’s ME!

In Lele Unit 3, we’ve learnt vocabulary of different clothes items , adjectives (long face, curly hair, bald head etc.) and prepositions ‘in’ and ‘with’ to describe people. The post-reading activity is this guessing game. In the textbook, it guides students to cut and paste different accessories /objects onto one’s photo and write a few sentences to describe it. I think using online websites is an easier and more entertaining way to do it.

Here’s my instructions to my students:

” Dear girls,
I’ll give you one week to finish this homework. This is how you should do it:
1. Find a picture of yourself (softcopy) (Big head and body is prefered)
2. Go to http://www.pikipimp.com/
3. Press “瀏覽” to find your own picture on your computer. Then press “upload”
4. After you upload the picture, you can choose whether you want to crop your picture or not.
5. After that, look at the right-hand side. Can you see the word ‘elements’? Choose different things to add to your picture, e.g. hats, glasses, lips, etc. If you want to put them onto your picture,  you have to ‘drag’ them onto your picture. After that, you can adjust the size and decide where you would like to put them.
6. I want you to put at most five things onto your picture.
7. After you finished dragging all the things onto your picture. Press “Save and Print”
8. Press “Download file” and you can rename the file.
9. Now you get the created picture. I want you to put it in a word file, crop the unwanted parts of your picture and write a few sentences about yourself. (refer to your Lele p.26 Activity)
10. Print your word file and hand in your homework.
P.S. This is the image and the word file I made for your reference. ( I made 2 for you)”

I demonstrated how to do it in the lesson and sent the soft copy of my work to them so they have something to refer to when they get home. About ten of them have handed me their work although the deadline is next Tuesday. I bet they do enjoy doing this work! After I got all of their work, I’ll stapled them onto the board and see if they can recognise their friends in disguise . I’ll share some of their work here later~Have Fun!


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