Not quite a quiet life in Africa

2 Oct

If people think our life in Africa had been a quiet one, they are so totally wrong! There were all kinds of noise out there night and day. One of the most disturbing sound (I’m sorry, no offense XD) was  the ‘calling-for-prayers’ music/chants from the Muslims. The music/chants played five times a day, starting at 5-6 a.m.!! So you don’t need an alarm clock to wake you up in the morning. Then around 7 am, we began to hear the kindergarten kids and teachers reading aloud or singing repeatedly (F.Y.I: We lived next to the kindergarten).  Sometimes it drove me nuts. E.g. They spelt twenty like ‘T-W-E-N-T-Y , TWENTY’ for a thousand times . When I was concentrating on my work in the afternoon, the noise didn’t bother me much. But then at night, the crickets, birds and dogs kinda formed a big orchestra that kept me out of my sleep. And every Friday night, someone out of nowhere would play disco music from 7pm – 7am! The sound level was high enough that you thought it was just playing right next to your ears!! And obviously, the police wouldn’t care much about that.

The only sound I really appreciated is the church choir’s XD. Although we don’t know Kiswalihi, we still went to church every Sunday. Frankly, I almost slept through the mass except for the singing part of the choir. Their voices are strong yet sweet and beautiful. The way they danced showed passion and devotion in God. It’s all so different from the church choir in Hong Kong or anywhere else.



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