How Lucky Are You?

1 Oct

Would you consider yourself as a lucky or unlucky person? Why would you think in that way? Are there ways to boost your luck?


My friend, Vivi, lent me this book, “The Luck Factor”, when I was in Africa. This book may answer your questions in mind. I never imagined ‘Luck’ can be researched scientifically. But that’s how it is. If you don’t have time to read his book, well, let me just summarize it for you. The summary tells it all and the rest of the book is just charts and graphs for proofing the whole thing.

Watch this 🙂

The Four Principle and Twelve sub-principles of luck

1) Maximise Your Chance Opportunities

Lucky people create, notice and act upon the chance opportunities in their life.


a. Lucky people build and maintain a strong ‘network of luck’ (play the contact game)

b. Lucky people have a relaxed attitude towards life (Relax, then do it)

c. Lucky people are open to new experiences in their life (Play the dice game)

2. Listen to your lucky hunches

Lucky people make successful decisions by using their intuition and gut feelings


a. Lucky people listen to gut feelings and hunches (Make the decision, then stop)

b. Lucky people take steps to boost their intuition (Make meditation matters)

3. Expect Good Fortune

Lucky people’s expectation about the future help them fulfil their dreams and ambitions


a. Lucky people expect their good luck to continue in the future (Affirm your luck, set lucky goals)

Affirm your luck:

” I’m a lucky person and today is going  to be another lucky day. I know that I can be even luckier in the future. I deserve good luck and will receive some good fortune today.”

Set lucky goals:

short-term goals (next month)

medium-term goals (next six months)

long-term goals (next year or more)

b. Lucky people attempt to achieve their goals, even if their chances of success seem slim and persevere in the face of failure (Carry out a cost-benefit analysis)

c. Lucky people expect their interactions with others to be lucky and successful (Visualise good fortune)

4. Turn Your Bad Luck Into Good

Lucky people are able to transform their bad luck into good fortune.


a. Lucky people see the positive side of their bad luck. (Find the treasure in the trash)

b. Lucky people are convinced that any ill fortune in their life will, in a long run, work out for the best. (Create a phoenix from the ashes)

c. Lucky people do not dwell in ill fortune (Distract yourself)

d. Lucky people take constructive steps to prevent more bad luck in the future (Take 5 steps to the solution)

Visit Dr. Richard Wiseman’s WordPress:

BON LUCK !! (^_^)


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