First week in Tanzania – feeling lost

24 Aug

My life in Tanzania is not as busy and tough as I thought it would be. Well pampered by the Canossian sisters, we get to live in a big house with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a well-equited kitchen. The only voluntary work we are assigned to do is either to teach in the nursery school or pack medicine in the dispensary nearby our house (School ends at 12:30 and there isn’t enough work we can do in the dispensary). Hot meals are provided in the convent, so in order to contribute, we usually set the table and do the dishes.

So you can imagine how relax my life can be here in Tanzania which doesn’t quite live up to my expectations. Sounds crazy? Yea, I think so. Since I am a HK teacher who get used to work 24/7. I did sometimes lament about my busy life, however, deep inside, working consititues a big part of ME. I simply feel needed and satisfied when I am occupied with work. But then now I am granted with hours of freetime which I seldom have (in the absense of TVs and computers), I can’t help but feeling lost and depressed. At last, I end up falling asleep right after lunch and feel terribly guilty to wake at 6 p.m. (Dinner is served at 7 p.m.)

Why am I  here for? I keep asking myself. Why it seems like I am here to idle my life away rather than actually doing something to help others?

Perhaps I have expected too much on myself and this trip. The fact is that people can’t really give us serious job consider that we are only here for a month. I can sense the negativitiy in my own writing now, so let me think of the bright side. However trival things I am doing here, I am making a difference. The kids in the nursery are happy to see us and very glad to learn new songs. When we are workign in the clinic, we show them the efficiency of HKers. We can pack hundreds of pills in just a wink of time. Maybe it’s time for me to minimize the stress on myself and simply enjoy whatever I am doing. Plus I may become healthier since I get so many sleeping hours. It’ll be a bonus if my dark eye circles vanish after this trip ! XD


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