Our School Open Day

5 Jul

It was our school open day yesterday. My colleague and I were responsible for the art activities. Thanks to my 6C darlings !! I counted on them as the helpers to teach origami and clay.

We spent some time the day before to decorate the room.

Guess our activities were very popular as loads of visitors kept pouring in our little room despite the fact that one air-con was out of order! So you can imagine these poor people (my kids+visitors+my colleague+I) were sweating all over and almost died due to the low oxygen level XD…

 Aiza and Soso

 My Art panel, Mrs Lam

 We were way too popular XD


Sammie was one of the teachers


Jamilla was very patient. She asked the twins what kinds of origami they were interested in.


Veronica was born to be a teacher!

Karen, the master of origami!!!

Brittany, I’m so proud of you. 

Bobo and Charlene.

Bobo and Jodi taught my P.1 kid, Ginny. I know she is adorable. Everyone loves her at the first sight.

Christine’s my past student. I’m very glad that she came to visit us, but let’s face the fact that she is not that good at Art …haha..no worries, we’re mate and she’s okay with that.

Anyways, our little visitors (kindergarteners) were having fun and that we had already achieved our goal.

I was also responsible for training my students to do a presentation on our Singapore buddies writing project. Needless to say, my kids were very confident and had done a wonderful job.

After this tiring event, Miss Lam, a very close colleague of mine, and I ordered some pizza and pasta to thank our little helpers. And that, was the highlight of the day XD…haha

Bonus!!! Karen handmade a card and some stamps for me! You gotta watch this!!!


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