Touring our Singapore Buddies around HK – a creative writing project

19 Jun

I got inspirations from the art project we did :

I was thinking we could do similar stuff with our Singapore buddies. After emailing to Ms G.Wong, the Singapore teacher of Canossa Convert, we agreed on doing this together.

Presentation Prezi: 


1. We posed and took pictures just like what we did in the art project. (Our Singapore buddies did the same)

2. We cut out our pictures and wrote a letter to our buddies, stating what we will like to go in Singapore. (Our Singapore buddies did the same. They told us where they would like to tour around in HK)

3. The principal of  Canossa Convert visited our school and we exchanged our pictures and letters.


They got so excited to get letters and pics from their buddies!

I got mine from Genevieve~

They even gave us lots of gifts!!!!

4. After that, it’s time to get things started. We took pictures with our buddies’ pictures and wrote a story about how we met our tiny buddy at school.

5. I asked my kids to write their drafts first on sosauce, so I can mark them online. Then they printed out the hard copy for me and my English panel, Michelle, to mark again.

6. Lastly, they published their work using prezi or photostory. (They can choose which one they want)

Have a look at their work:

Photostory by Soso:

Photostory by Carrie:


Step. Chan:












One Response to “Touring our Singapore Buddies around HK – a creative writing project”

  1. Gigi Cheung 2010 年 07 月 10 日 at 1:38 PM #

    It is the nice job for the student=D Good trying for them=]

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