Singapore Buddies

12 Jun

Some teachers from Singapore Canossa Convert Primary School visited our school last year, in around November. I picked some of my kids to be the ambassadors and tour the Singapore teachers around our school. They did a pretty good job ! After touring around our campus, eight teachers observed my lesson.

One of my kids, Karen, proposed to have ‘Reader’s Theatre’ again in the lesson. (We did one last year and the kids love it) The script was also chosen by Karen – “Joey learns French”. I think the Singapore teachers had great fun watching my kids’ performance.

After this meeting, we still kept contact with some of the Singapore teachers. Our English panel, Michelle, thought that we can do something together with the Singapore students. So from this year 2nd term onwards, my Class 6C paired up with the Singapore students, Faith 5C, and started to write emails to each other. Genevieve is the English teacher of Faith 5C. She is so diligent that she even checked all her students’ emails before sending. Well, but I didn’t do the same XD since I really can’t afford spending so much time. I just reminded my kids to be polite in their emails.

But that’s not it…after a few months, we come up with another idea to work together!


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