The Teacher’s Pet – The REAL very hungry caterpillar

3 Jun

So last time we read about The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and this time  Mrs Hung, who lived in Ping Chau, caught a real caterpillar in her garden! Michelle and I showed it to the kids and they were all amazed !


This big fat caterpillar was first kept in the plastic bag.  Mrs. Hung put a lot of fresh leaves for it to munch on. I love its  bright greenish colour and the two fake eyes! I dare not touch it at first, so I wear a glove to feel it slowing clawing on my hand.  After a while, I tried to put it on my bare hand. It wasn’t that itchy as I thought it would be.



It’s a fast eater. See how fast it wolves down the leaves!

I’lll transfer it to a bigger plastic bottle and get more fresh leaves ~ Pls keep alive!

Will it turn into a butterfly one day?


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