P.6 English – Writing an article about saving endangered animals

3 May

After reading the Noah’s space ark, students know more about endangered animals and why they became endangered.

I edited the writing task in Lele chp 4 p.g 34, 35 and designed the following writing tasks. We spent 3 days to complete the whole task.

Process Writing

(Step 1) Brainstorming

A.  Class Discussion and Searching information on the Internet

Website: http://www.worldwildlife.org/species/ + Lele p.34,35

If you were an endangered animal, what would you be? What problems are you facing? (Find out at least 3 problems and solutions)

Fill in the diagram. (I used dolphins as an example and teach them how to fill in this form. I let them finish this diagram at home because they need to search for information on the Internet) This is one of my students’ work:

(Step 2)  First Draft and Revising

B. Now write the article using the information in the diagram

Then I would like them to further elaborate their points and write their first draft. I told them that to make their writing more interesting, they really have to image themselves as the endangered animals. Think about what happened to their families and friends and add more details on how they used to live without the intruding activities of the humans.

This is one of my students’ work:

***Well, the ideal case will be asking them to proofread their work among themeselves. But Obviously, I couldn’t afford the time, so I just ask them to proofread their own work carefully and mark their work for them later.

(Step 3) Final Draft

C.  Make an attractive outlook for your article!

I let them choose how they would like to present their work.

There are two ways you can consider designing your article.

1)      Draw and write on a half a page of a drawing paper. OR

2)    Use Microsoft word or any other software to type and design your own article. Here’s an attractive word template you can consider using.

Download from here:

http://www.sendspace.com/file/hleh6x (**This is an article written by me as an example. I actually showed them in the first lesson to let them know what my requirements are.)


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