P.6 English – Using Prezi to tell a story (in the show, don’t just tell lesson)

28 Apr

Paul’s student, David, introduced us a new presentation tool, prezi (www.prezi.com). I found this tool really handy esp when you want to show the relationship between things. And of cos, I am very much into the cool zooming effects! I decided to use prezi in the P.6 TSA Reading and Writing Workshop and before that I also introduced this tool to my P.6 students. I didn’t really teach them how to use it. I only tell them to sign up and read the teaching video there. 

One of my kids, Phoebe, told me that she wanted to use the story she has written in the ‘Show, don’t just tell’ lesson (https://missjanetlaw.wordpress.com/2010/04/20/p-6-english-bringing-writing-to-life-how-the-lesson-goes-students-work/ ) and turned it into a prezi. At first, I was not sure how she was going to make it. I reckoned that the story can be quite boring if  it is shown as plainly words. Then she amazed me by adding some illustrations in her work.


There are two ways to watch a prezi. Either press the forward arrow to control your reading speed or click “MORE” and “Autoplay”.

Thanks Phoebs for her wonderful work ! I never thought of using prezi to tell a story!


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