P.1 English – I can’t catch up with the schedule + Song in Chp 4

26 Apr

It’s always the same problem – if you spend too much time on gp work/activities, you won’t be able to catch up with the teaching schedule.

In Chp 3, I spent a number of lessons on speaking and gp work and suddenly I realised that I only have this week for teaching Chp 4!!!! OMG!!!! And for Wednesday, we have the LEAP prog and on Thursday, we have BLOOM TIME (we need to go to another class to teach phonics). This means there is NO WAY I can finish up Chp 4 within this week!!! PLUS my kids are supposed to have writing + finished reading one reader as well !! (=________=)

This, is the reality!!!!!

You know what’s best way for your kids to learn, but there’s the time limit !  You gotta finish whatever syllabus before the exam/test, if not, you will be doomed.

So what am I supposed to do now?

I’ll have to use some of the time next week to finish Cph 4 + the reader, then quickly start Chp 5.

OK. Whining time’s up.

Today we started singing the song in Chp 4 (The Fun Zoo). We revised some vocab on animals and numbers first before singing.

Usually kids are quite into singing and doing gestures, but some just dont’ like it (not only singing, but reading aloud in English) ! They are reluctant to even stand up and pretend to sing. So what I did was to sing the whole songs twice and making up the gestures with the kids. Then they were asked to form gps to practise singing and perform later. Under peer pressure, some kids will surrender XD hahahaha and at least read the words out. I won’t have time to call every gp out and perform for sure. Still I’m sure that practising inside the gp is more effective than that with the whole class.


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