Sing and Rhyme Time For P.1 and 2 kids

23 Apr

I just signed up for the teacher tube ( tonight and watched the “Top 10 ways to engage students”. The 1st way is to use Music! ha…Right. We have “Sing and Rhyme Time” at school every month!

This Sing and Rhyme Time is a 10-20 mins singing time during the assembly for the P.1 and 2 kids. Just want them to have fun and practise oral English through songs. All English teachers will take turn to hold this session. It’s my turn in April, so I prepared this pretty easy song ,”BINGO” , to sing with the kids ( I have this song in FLASH file) . We also have to prepare a very simple worksheet for them to fill in afterwards.

My P.6C kids helped me demonstrate the song, clap hands and do the gestures. The one with the big hat is the ‘Farmer’ and the other girl is the ‘Dog’.hahah…She barked as well XD

Step 1

1. Using power point, introduce the little story behind. “Once upon a time, there was a farmer. He had a dog. His name is Bingo” (My P.6 kids pretend to be the farmer and the dog to add a bit of fun in it)

2. Read the lyrics, sing the song and clap hands

3. Sing once again.

Step 2

1. Change the lyrics a bit, and show the image by the power point as well. “Once upon a time, there was a mother. She had a girl. Her name is …”

2. Introduce the meaning of “Syllable”. Tell the kids that you are looking for a name that has two syllables.

3. Use her name to put into the song and sing the new song again.

Step 3

1. Introduce the worksheet they are going to finish later. ( I used the printable activity sheet here :

2. Ask some kids to come out and do one of the questions


Some kids were still singing the song when they were going back to their classroom! XD


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