The fragrance or odour?

21 Apr

Sometimes after lunch, I will visit my P.1 piggies in the playground. Some shy ones flee when they see me while some of my ‘enthusiastic admirers’ literally encircle me or hug me from the back!

A is so different. She usually just stands apart and looks at me. I may then go towards her, pat her head and greet her. She will smile at me politely and walk away.

Can’t remember when…just one day, when I walked towards A, she suddenly pulled my left hand and kept sniffing it ! XD I was quite shocked and asked, “Hey, what are you doing?” Then she whispered in my ear, “Miss Law, you have a special scent. Did you put on perfume?” She didn’t wait for my answer – which was NO but tugged my sleeve and sniffed again! No kids ever said that before. I hope it wasn’t my body odour !!!!

She acted like a patrol dog and sniffed at my hand/my jacket for a few times whenever I appeared at the playground.  I did ask her whether she thought I smell good or bad, but she just couldn’t answer me.

Could that be a scent that only the close ones can smell? Like I can recognise the smell of my bf(s) like nobody else? XD


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