P.1 English – Prepositions + conversation game

15 Apr

This is a game inspired by one of the activities I did in Australia.

Class 1 (Lele Unit 3 In the park)

Prepositions: in, on, under

Aim: practise vocab and prepositions learnt, asking and answering questions

Step 1(Preparation)

1. Prepare 30 cards like this (15 pairs are the same)  (I can send you my word softcopy if you email me)

Something like this:

 What can you see?

I can see ___ _____. It is ________ a ________.

Step 2:

1. Quick revision of vocab and preposition

 2. Explain to the students about the game and start playing.

– They can’t let others see their pictures.

– After they received the picture, they can fill in the blanks. They can ask the teacher if they don’t know the answer.

– When the game starts, they will first find one classmate and play ‘ paper-scissor-stone’ with her. The one wins can ask the question, “What can you see?” first. The one loses answers the question. She can then ask the question again by playing with another classmate.

– The game ends when they finally find someone who gets the same card.

– They can find a seat to sit down, check their answers and colour the picture.

3. I asked each pair to come out and repeat the question and answer. (From a closed pairwork to an open pairwork ! I still remember these terms, Dr. Paul Sze!^_^)

She made my Day

She has so far spoken to me for less than five times. She loves to raise her hands to answer the question in class, but when you pick her, she will not say a word. When I planned this lesson, I worried that she might not be able to play this game with her classmates. I therefore gave her the easiest card and stood beside her when she was filling in the card. She looked at the example in the blackboard and filled it in CORRECTLY!!! I asked her to read the sentence out and SHE DID IT ! I was suprised and wanted to hug her. I could hardly say a word at that very moment then I said, ‘Good girl. You can now play with your friend. Read it out loud!”

Then I saw her standing there, holding the card and everyone was running around to find their playmates. “Go, go find a friend,” I urged. Another girl came by and started playing with her.

After a while, most of them found their partners. She was still walking around, not sure what to do. I told some other girls to ask her the question and luckily she found her pair. I held my camera, came near them and asked them to repeat the question and answer. I knew I got to record that moment and she did it. She read out the words clearly without much hesitation. I couldn’t help but cried, “Very Good Venus, Excellent!” I can still feel the excitement when I watch the video again. She did it so well that I asked this pair to come out and present in front of the class. My class was amazed by her performance, perphaps it was their first time to hear her speaking in public!!!

And this is their overall performance :

Thank you, kids!


8 Responses to “P.1 English – Prepositions + conversation game”

  1. Eric Adan 2012 年 08 月 30 日 at 3:23 AM #

    Hi, Miss Law.

    Could you please send those cards to me?
    I would like to work that game with my students.

    Thank you!

    • missjanetlaw 2012 年 08 月 30 日 at 6:47 AM #

      Sure! Hope they are useful 🙂 !

      • Eric Adan 2012 年 08 月 30 日 at 4:39 PM #

        oh, Thank you!

        They’re totally going to be useful. 🙂

  2. Eric Adan 2012 年 08 月 30 日 at 4:55 PM #

    ops, I forgot to leave my e-mail.hehe.

    please, send to: eric.adanms@gmail.com

    Thanks again!

    • missjanetlaw 2012 年 08 月 30 日 at 11:04 PM #

      My pleasure !

      Sent~pls check 😀

      • Eric Adan 2012 年 09 月 04 日 at 8:05 PM #

        one more time… THANKS!!!

  3. Mikeline sullivan 2014 年 01 月 04 日 at 3:05 PM #

    could you please send those cards to me. I would love to try it with my class. I could probably use this same idea with articles a, an @ the.

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