P.6 English – Bringing Writing to Life — Show, don’t tell (A developing idea)

14 Apr

Students’ writing is simply the best medicine for insomnia.

It’s not about correcting grammar or sentence structure. They just keep on using similar adjectives like interesting/fun/happy to describe anything they like (and the antonyms to describe things they hate).

I have to write similar comments for 32 students that makes me crazy and want to burn their work in hell fire.

My CU tutor, Dr. Philip Chan, reminded us that showing instead of telling brings life to writing. I did mention this concept and showed some work to illustrate to my students last year, but I never have much time to work more on it.

I am planning to use one lesson or more to work on this next Monday. My school principal will observe this particular lesson.  It’s challenging since it is not like speaking that you can easily show something to the audience. But I know this is something that my kids need to learn and hopefully they will find it useful. (To my surprise, quite a number of  students think that writing is their weakest area. They have the feeling that they are not having much progress in writing.)

I’ll take the risk~ “A life without risk is not worth living”

Bon luck~;)


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