P.6 English – Poem writing Lessons (2)

13 Apr

During today’s lesson, many of my kids are able to finish their poems. They started to draw pictures to decorate their work. We seem to get addicted to poem writing. I’ll post their work up here later.

I wrote another poem when they were doing their work:

As the 6C English Teacher

 My first year of teaching primary six,

Never imagine my students become my kids,

We share ups and downs,

Our learning progress never slows down.

 6C simply motivates me,

To be the best person one can be,

sosauce, drama and podcast,

We learn more than one could ask.

 It saddens me as you are about to leave,

It may be hard for others to believe,

For all of you have warmed my heart,

Even when we are apart.

Some Useful websites for teaching poem writing:  

http://www.shakespeare-online.com/sonnets/30.html  (about sonnet) 


 http://two4six8two.blogspot.com/  (about cinquain) 

http://www.wikihow.com/Write-a-Quatrain-Poem (about quatrian) 

http://www.rhymer.com/ (rhyme dictionary)


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