P.1 English – Vocabulary -> Sentence Building -> Oral practice through Cooperative Learning

13 Apr

Textbook: LEle Chp 3 In the Park

Objectives: Revise vocab + articles (a, an,the) + ans simple question + oral practice

Duration: 1 lesson (45 mins)

First Step (Revision of Vocab)

1.  Put the poster on the board. Ask students to put the vocab next to the corresponding pictures and read out the words.

Second Step (Group Work)

1. In groups of four ( I have eight gps in my class) , each student has a number : 1, 2 , 3 or 4. Each of them has their own role to play in finishing the task.

2. Each group will receive:  a) some letters which need to be arranged into a meaningful word b) a marker c) a piece of paper

3. Student 1 needs to arrange the letters to a word. Student 2 writes the sentence I can see ___ ___. Student 3 draws the picture. Student 4 comes out and presents.  Student 1,2,3 has to help Student 4 to practise before she comes out.


4. I ask Student 4 to come and hold the picture. Then I’ll ask her the question, “What can you see?”  To make the conversation more natural, I greet them first (e.g Hey, Christy. How are you? / You look happy today )before I ask the question.

5. Stick all the 8 pictures on the board and ask students to vote for their favourite ones. Ask students why they like the particular work and ask them to give comments to the gp’s performance. My kids were able to give simple reasons like “the picture is beautiful”, “She writes neatly”, “She speaks loudly” etc.

Homework : WB p. 9, 10


4 Responses to “P.1 English – Vocabulary -> Sentence Building -> Oral practice through Cooperative Learning”

  1. paulsze 2010 年 04 月 14 日 at 9:03 AM #

    Another lovely example to cite in my MA Listening and Speaking course!

  2. Marie 2010 年 04 月 16 日 at 4:20 AM #

    Your blog is great!! Really learn a lot from you and you have inspired me new teaching ideas. Could you kindly show an example on how to teach reading or just a reading part of the textbook cos I found it exhausted and hard to teach the reading text. Looking forward to that. CHEER!

    • missjanetlaw 2010 年 04 月 16 日 at 4:36 AM #

      Thanks a lot! I would love to do so, but you gotta wait! I’m not an expert or something. I just love sharing teaching ideas. Regarding “Reading”, do you mean like teaching ‘Reading strageies’ or teaching the textbook unit?

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