P.6 English – Poem Writing Lessons

12 Apr

I am not a poet. I am not perfect in using English. I am just a Primary School English teacher! Yet I need to teach my kids to write poems. Thanks my colleague, C.Poon, for drafting the Composition worksheet.

So this is how we do it:

1. We set the theme of the poem to be “Leaving SHCS” since the P.6 kids are leaving soon. They can express their feelings through the poem.

2. Introduce them with different literacy techniques including alliteration, metaphors, similes, ryhmes etc.

3. Introduce them with different kinds of poems e.g. acrostic poem, cinquain, quatrain, sonnet.

4. While introducing each kind of poem, teachers should make those poems with them. They will then find it quite easy to actually start writing some poems. I picked some of the kids in my class as my subject to write the poems. We had some great laughs. 

Poem we wrote:

Acrostic Poem

 1. Georgina

Good to play with



Run very fast


Idle her life

Never finish her homework

Addicted to sleep


2. Word count cinquain (Brittany) 


friendly, kind,

likes to eat,

gentle, keep to herself,


3. Sllyable count cinquain (Sammie)


short and naughty,

likes to play skipping rope,

She never tries to speak in English,


5. Students are paired up to do the brainstorming for their poems. Since the acrostic poem and cinquain are quite short, I need them to write both if they choose to write these two kinds of poem. As for a quatrain, I will ask them to write 2 verses.

6. Again, I am not a poet and I hardly ever write one poem. I admit that to my kids and I tell them that I’ll write also write my poem. I think it’s important to let the kids know that writing poems can be fun.

7. I plan to use two lessons to teach and get the poems written. I started my first lesson today, hopefully I’ll get it done tomorrow.

This is the poem I wrote when they were brainstorming:

An acrostic poem- Primary Six C


My last year to teach P.6C


Preparing teaching materials,

Roaring at lazy students,

Ideas to inspire souls,

Memories to treasure,

Are you ready to face the world?

Really not sure,

Yoga is my way to relax,

Sad to see you leave, my girls,

I have tired my best to teach,

X’mas arrives,

Come visit me often



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